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We started rolling out Fitabase Engage in 2020, and since then have worked with research groups to refine and add to the Fitabase Engage Planner. 

Over time, we've added some features we'd love you to try out! Here's just a taste of what's new: 

Five-point, single-tap scale:

We built this new prompt type out with the help of a team that is using Fitabase Engage and our text messaging tools. It's very similar to our likert scale prompt, but removes a few taps and gives participants a way to see all options at once. As with all our prompt types, you can customize just about everything, including: 

  • Prompt title 
  • Prompt text size 
  • Labels beneath numbers 
  • Background color

Extra-large prompt size


We launched Fitabase Engage with regular and large text sizes. We've added a third to the mix to allow for better viewability with also retaining space on the watchface for as much text as possible. 

On-device testingTesting has always been a part of Fitabase Engage, but we haven't highlighted it as a big player so far. Once you've created your prompts, you can try out multiple versions to test out prompt text size, like what you see above, or viewability with different background colors in various settings, for example. 

We are continuing to build onto Fitabase Engage, with lots of exciting functionality currently in the works. To check it out, customers with existing accounts can log into Fitabase and click on the Fitabase Engage banner to the right of the project list. To start a trial of Fitabase or Fitabase Engage (or both!), or to get added to our newsletter mailing list for regular updates, email We can't wait to hear from you!