Because no two studies are the same, Fitabase will work with you to craft an exact pricing plan for your study. Please get in touch so we can be sure you have everything you need.

Fitabase Core

Everything you need for general data collection using wearable devices. Our core platform contains:

  • Dashboards monitoring data syncing, battery levels, and connection status
  • Unlimited Customizable Batch Exports
  • Per-participant Specifiable Data Capture Windows
  • Tags for participants profiles
  • De-identified setup profiles with your own custom study IDs
  • Fitbit and Garmin compatible

Premium Add-Ons

SMS Messages & Reminders

Fitabase can automatically send compliance-boosting text message notifications to participants when their data syncing has lapsed, reminding them to check their device is charged and their phones are synced. Our reminders can be set with your custom message text and the amount of time between syncs that you’d like to trigger a reminder. We also support more general time-based messages to participants that you can use to send any study-related information to participants. 

Aggregate Data API

Fitabase can make large-volume data exports programmatically available to your study, saving you from having to connect to each participant’s data. Available in either JSON or CSV.

Custom Solutions

Think we might be the right partner for you on a custom intervention? We have a small number of yearly custom projects we can commit to. Reach out to to schedule some time to discuss.