Our Mission

Our mission at Fitabase is to enable researchers to use the latest tools, devices, and apps to further our collective knowledge. We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible for researchers to deploy the “new tools of wellness” to measure, track, and engage their participants.

Who We Are

Located in San Diego, Fitabase is a nimble team of technology and research experts with decades of experience.

Meet The Team:


Aaron Coleman

Founder and CEO


Ernesto Ramirez

Research and Development


Jessica Lee

Customer Development Lead


Josh Hoffman

Senior Software Developer


Brittany Schenk

Full Stack Software Developer

Come Say Hello

Upcoming Conference and Event Dates:

  • CTTI MCT Mobile Technologies Launch Meeting
    July 16, 2018
  • mHealth Technology Showcase
    June 04, 2018
  • ACSM 2018 Annual Meeting
    May 29, 2018
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