Example Consent Text


We recommend speaking with your IRB office prior to submitting an application and describing your study and use of Fitabase. The following text should be used only as an example. We cannot guarantee that the following example descriptions will be considered acceptable by all IRBs.

Description of access to Fitbit data via Fitabase.

  • Fitbit Data Authorization – Research staff with authorize Fitabase (Small Steps Labs LLC) to access and download your Fitbit data for the duration of this study. This authorization will not require you to give an email address, password, or other personal information to the research staff. Research staff will use your de-identified Fitbit account information to authorize Fitabase to access your data. A de-identified study ID number will also be used within the Fitabase platform. Research staff will access and download the following data gathered from your de-identified Fitbit account:
    • Daily steps total
    • Measured steps per minutes
    • Estimated energy expenditure
    • Distance moved
    • Minutes of vigorous activity
    • Minutes of moderate activity
    • Minutes of light activity
    • Minutes of sedentary time
    • Sleep length, quality, and movement
    • Heart rate
    • Manually entered and automatically detected physical activities, such as walking or running

What is involved with the Fitabase Authorization?

In order to access your Fitbit data research staff will authorize a third party, Fitabase, owned and operated by Small Steps Labs LLC, via an online form. Fitabase is a research platform that collects data from internet connected consumer activity devices. In order to authorize Fitabase to collect and store your Fitbit data research staff will connect Fitabase to the Fitbit account associated with the Fitbit device you will be given for the duration of this study. Fitabase, upon authorization, may collect the following data: 


  • Personal details added to your Fitbit user account, such as height, weight, gender, and age.
  • Information sent wirelessly from your Fitbit product to the service and that is stored in your Fitbit user account.
  • Information that was added manually to the Fitbit service and is stored in your Fitbit user account.
  • Accounts of when a you elected to share data from your Fitbit user account with others.
  • Minute-level data reported by devices including:
    • Number of steps taken
    • Calories burned
    • Intensity of movement metrics
    • Sleep data, including sleep quality
    • Weight
    • Body fat percentage
    • Heart rate
    • Automatically detected and manually entered activity behaviors
    • Any manually reported food or exercise information provided to Fitbit.com.

Your Fitbit username and password will not be accessed, viewed, or stored by Fitabase, Small Steps Labs, LLC, or any study personnel.

When you authorize Fitabase to access and store your Fitbit data you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy set by Fitabase. A copy of those Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be given to you. We ask that you review both the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before agreeing to participate in this study. If you have any questions about your privacy and the Fitabase system please contact the Principle Investigator, [NAME] [EMAIL] [PHONE NUMBER]