One of the most common uses of the Fitabase API is to access scheduled batch exports generated by your Fitabase project. You can use the following steps to enable automatic file transfers from batch exports to your system. 


First, identify the datasets that you would like to automatically pull into your system. You can view currently available batch export options within your Fitabase Project. 


Second, determine the schedule you would like use for the creation of batch exports. Currently, the most frequent schedule available is a daily batch export. Once you have determined the appropriate schedule and identified the batch export data sets needed please get in touch so we can enable automatic batch creation for your project. 


Once an automatic batch creation process has been enabled for your project you can use the Batch Export API to query for your latest batch export (GET Latest Batch Export). This query will result in a Download Batch ID. 


Once you obtain the latest Download Batch ID you can pass that to the POST Download Batch Export in order to download a .ZIP file contain the contents of your latest batch export.