The Fitabase API allows you to collect data, manage project properties, and integrate Fitabase into your existing workflow. We developed the Fitabase API in order to help you programmatically access data and understand your participants without having to interact with the Fitabase frontend platform. 

Currently the Fitabase API is being used by innovative researchers and organizations to develop customized solutions to their data needs. For example, our customers have:

  • Connected the Fitabase API to electronic health records to automatically populate patient activity and health behavior data.
  • Develop automatic text message systems driven by participant activity data.
  • Created continuous, automated data export processes for large-scale clinical trials (this is a premium offering. Please inquire about pricing.)  

If you're interested in automating your workflow or creating innovative processes with data you're collecting in Fitabase please get in touch to learn how the Fitabase API can help. 

* The Fitabase API and automated batch exports are currently offered as separate add ons to the Fitabase platform. Please inquire about pricing.