Active Zone Minutes


Official 3rd-party access to Active Zone Minutes should be enabled soon within the Fitbit API. The below will be replaced once this becomes available.

Prior to the official release of Active Zone Minutes to 3rd parties like Fitabase, we advise customers interested in using this data metric to review section "How do I earn Active Zone Minutes" from this Fitbit Help Article: 

The following calculations are noted from Fitbit.

Heart-Rate Zone Active Zone Minutes 
1 minute in the fat burn zone 1 Active Zone Minute
1 minute in the cardio or peak zone 2 Active Zone Minutes*


*Your Fitbit device doesn't track your heart rate during a swim workout. You earn 1 Active Zone Minute for each minute of swimming.

In the interim until official Active Zone Minutes datasets are made available via the 3rd party API, Fitabase will display this calculation on the Heart Rate report page. However please note: any Active Zone Minutes from a logged swim workout will not be included in this calculation.