All Fitabase projects now come with easy-to-use dashboard filters. These filters are helpful for keeping your project organized over the full course of your data collection period. When you load your project you will notice that we will now only display the participants that are currently collecting data. You also now have the option view participants who are not collecting data, or view all participants on the dashboard. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 8.12.37 AM.png

How it works

When you connect participant Fitbit accounts to your Fitabase project we ask you to enter the data collection timeframe(s). These start and end dates tell us when you want us to collect Fitbit data from each participant. Once the data collection timeframe ends for a participant we stay connected to the account, but no longer bring in any data. 

When you're collecting data on dozens to hundreds of participants over a staggered enrollment period you may only want to engage with the data of those participants that are currently in their data collection timeframe. Your project will automatically filter your participants profiles into one of three groups:

  1. Collecting Data: This is your new default page. This setting will automatically filter your dashboard to only show participants currently collecting data. That is, each participants' sync time frame includes the current date.
  2. Not Collecting Data: This setting will filter your dashboard to only show participants who have either finished their data collection, or are in a non-collection time period (for those with multiple time frames). 
  3. All: This will show you all currently connected participants.