What Are Tags?

Many projects need to be able to quickly differentiate between groups of participants. All Fitabase projects have access to our Tags feature, which allows you to quickly and easily assign a tag to your participants.

Tags are custom strings, which you create and assign to participants by using the Tags link in your project dashboard.

Working with Tags:

You can easily navigate to the Tags Page by clicking the tags menu item. 


Creating Tags
You can easily create tags specific to your project from the Tags page. Simply enter in a new tag entry and click add.

Assigning Tags
Once you add a new tag you can drag and drop it on the participant you would like to assign the tag to. There is no limit on the number of participants that can be assigned the same tag. Participants can be also be assigned more than one tag.

Removing Tags
If you’ve made an error when assigning a tag, you can easily edit a participant’s assigned tags. Simply click the “X” on the tag name assigned to the participant and it will be removed from that participant.

Deleting Tags
If you want to delete a tag from your project, you can easily do that from your tag list. To delete a tag hover over the down arrow net to the tag name in your tag list, then click the red delete button. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. If you are sure you’d like to delete the tag, click delete.

Project Dashboard & Tags

When viewing your project dashboard you can quickly sort your participants alphabetically by tag. Simply click on the Tags header to sort.

Tags will be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order.



You can also use the search box to search by tag.

Data Reports & Tags

Currently, you can view summary reports based on tagged participants in the Steps report page.

To access the average or sum of steps values for a chosen time frame for tagged participants select the appropriate option from the “Data Source” drop down menu located on the left side of the report page.

Batch Exports & Tags

When creating a batch download you have the option to select one (or more) tag groups to download data from multiple participants.

Clicking in the Tags field will trigger a dropdown menu that contains all your currently applied tags. Select any number of tags to create a .zip file that contains all participants with the selected tags.


Currently tags are not exported as a variable (column) in Fitabase exports, including batch exports. Make sure to keep track of what IDs are associated with each tag.