Your Fitabase project dashboard includes important information that can help keep track of participant compliance. This includes data about battery life of their device, and their syncing behavior.

Why is this important? Battery status and sync time can impact data integrity and availability for your deployed devices. As noted in this knowledge base article, access to high resolution data depends on keeping devices charged and syncing consistently - at least once every five days. 


Access to high resolution data depends on keeping devices charged and syncing consistently.


Battery Life

Fitabase receives information about current battery life for connected devices every time we receive a new data sync. Currently Fitbit provides categorical battery life information, which we represent using a simple visual scheme:

 Battery Full

  Battery Medium

 Battery Low

 Battery Empty

If a participant has a recent sync time, and you observe a battery status of "Low" or "Empty" we recommend getting in touch with the participant to remind them to charge their device. 

Sync Times

When you connect a Fitbit account (device) to Fitabase we subscribe to notifications that alert us when the device syncs with Fitbit and new data is available. We record these sync times and make them available on your dashboard so that you can make sure your participants are consistently syncing their devices. 

Your dashboard is automatically sorted by sync time from most recent sync to oldest sync time. You can easily re-sort from oldest sync to newest by clicking on the "Last Sync" header. 

If you want to explore participant syncing behavior you can click on "more sync events" to view all logged sync events. At this time sync event data is not available for export.